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How to get installed SharePoint 2013 edition and products?

To evaluate which SharePoint edition and products are installed you can use the following PowerShell Cmdlet.


Use this table for GUID matching.

35466B1A-B17B-4DFB-A703-F74E2A1F5F5E Project Server 2013
BC7BAF08-4D97-462C-8411-341052402E71 Project Server 2013 Preview
C5D855EE-F32B-4A1C-97A8-F0A28CE02F9C SharePoint Server 2013
CBF97833-C73A-4BAF-9ED3-D47B3CFF51BE SharePoint Server 2013 Preview
B7D84C2B-0754-49E4-B7BE-7EE321DCE0A9 SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise
298A586A-E3C1-42F0-AFE0-4BCFDC2E7CD0 SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Preview
D6B57A0D-AE69-4A3E-B031-1F993EE52EDC Microsoft Office Web Apps Server 2013
9FF54EBC-8C12-47D7-854F-3865D4BE8118 SharePoint Foundation 2013


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