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Waves vs. BitShares – who’s the fastest blockchain?

The Waves Platform is getting more attention recently. A new client has been released, a fiat gateway for the Turkish lira was implemented, the Waves NG protocol will be activated shortly and many more news appeared. Especially the implementation of the NG protocol, which speeds up a very important part of the WAVES ecosystem, the blockchain, raises a lot of attention and also questions.

So is the Waves Platform representing one of the fastest blockchains on the market or are there other blockchains which got a better performance, like BitShares for example?

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Getting started with the SharePoint Framework SPFx

On May 2016 the SharePoint Framework (short SPFx) was announced and just about a month ago it has been released and was made available for the general public.

So what is the “SharePoint Framework” and how do you get started with it? In this blog post I try write down an easy to follow guideline on how to engage with the SPFx and to understand the overall ecosystem, customizing and deployment tasks. I have been following the development of the SPFx for some months now but never really started using it. Now the time has come and I’m going to document my way to “full SPFx enlightenment” 😉

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