SharePoint CAML paging with CSOM

When you are querying a big bunch of list items you should consider to use paging functionalities. For example you could download 2000 items within ten separate requests were each one queries a bulk of 200 items.

This will spare the server performance and speeds up the transfer over the wire. When downloading all items at once can lead to a time-out for example.


SharePoint 2013 Search References

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SharePoint custom web service with SSOM and Request Digest

When developing a custom web based application (like ASP.NET in conjunction with IIS) that relies on the usage of the SharePoint server side object model you have to make sure that your code is valid in security related terms. Microsoft integrated a functionality that protects the system against cross-site scripting attacks. The protection is always Read more about SharePoint custom web service with SSOM and Request Digest[…]

SharePoint 2013 Site / Web Templates

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Check if file exists in list / library with CSOM

When you already know the full URL of the file you can use this code: In the following example we check if a certain file (Item_TwoLines.js) is existing in the Master Page catalog with the usage of CAML. When the item variable is not null, the item is existing. So should be the attached file. Read more about Check if file exists in list / library with CSOM[…]