Hosting a node starting at 1.000 WAVES – how do you vote? (Updated)

The network has to decide – will it be possible to host a new node starting at 1.000 WAVES or do we stay at 10.000 WAVES minimum?

The voting for both Feature 1 and Feature 2 started today. All Waves Platform network nodes are able to vote for the activation of the new NG protocol implementation and the change to allow the hosting of a new node with a minimum amount of 1.000 WAVES instead of 10.000. Currently it’s necessary to own at least 10.000 WAVES tokens to be able to host an own full node.

The voting will end after the confirmation of 5.000 blocks. When 80% of those blocks voted for a certain feature it will be activated after 5.000 additional blocks.

Waves feature activation voting

How will the node owners decide?

Update (18.12.2017 20:40 GMT +1)

Most of the major nodes decided to postpone the vote for Feature 1. So it won’t be activated at the same time like the Waves NG feature. The published statement makes clear that the node teams are standing positive to the 1k node change but in cases of stability and a clear transition they decided to activate the feature a few days later.

The vote for or against Feature 1

The activation of the NG protocol is not at stake. Probably every node will vote for it (as you can see in the screen shot).

But what about Feature number 1? The vote about this feature will decide if it will be possible for “small” WAVES token holders to create their own node and link it to the network to contribute in the confirmation of new transactions (also called “mining”). So this is indeed a political issue. Do we want a centralized network where a few “big” nodes control most of the network transaction or do we prefer a more decentralized network where a lot of “small” nodes ensure the functionality of the Waves network?

Currently WavesGo is the greatest node with an average network share of 36.41%. Followed by with 14.81%. Both of them are currently not voting for Feature 1.

Where do those nodes the voting power from? First the greater the share of the network transactions the more votes those nodes have in common. Second the more Waves wallet owners decide to lease their valuable WAVES tokens to those nodes the greater their network share. And exactly at this point you got the option to influence the vote.

It’s your democratic possibility to vote indirectly for or against Feature 2  by deciding to which node you are going to lease your WAVES to. This is your vote for a more decentralized or centralized network with all its pros and cons.

Statements of the node owners

I would like to keep this post updated and keep track of the argumentation of each node team why they vote for or against Feature 1.

At this moment I couldn’t find much public available information about each statement but I will try to do my best to gain as much information as possible.

If you want to add or correct certain information then feel free to contact me (last update: 16.12.2017 15:55 GMT +1).


Average network share

Vote for Feature 1


WavesGo 36.41% Yes After internal discussion switched to Yes but no official statement. 14.81% Yes
POSPOOL 13.50% Yes N/A
FountainPerpetua 12.82% Yes N/A
Endless Summer 5.18% No N/A
BluemagicWaves 3.79% No N/A 1.68% Yes N/A
WavesPool.NET 1.59% Yes N/A 0.70% Yes N/A
Waves Lease Pool 0.50% Yes N/A 0.24% Yes Click here 0.17% Yes N/A
BlackTurtle 0.15% Yes Click here


Statement by BlackTurtle owner (source: Telegram)

Because people need to understand decentralisation has NOTHING to do with 1k nodes. it has something to do with spreading leases. You see, everyone goes to fountain to get 1k nodes, but at the same time they are killing decentralisation. decentralisation doesnt come with 1k nodes but with educated people.
and believe me if u want decentralisation, educate leasers, educate them that smaller nodes arent bad, educate them that smaller nodes also need support, encourage friends and family to lease a share to smaller nodes. that’s what I try to do, educate people. I try to make waves more decentralized without the 1k rule, already for weeks….

Also rushing decisions is pointless, if we want 1k nodes, all node owners need to talk and agree, if not everyone ships on the ship, you wont get 80% concensus…

Every single person that leases to a top 10 pool has NO right to complain, if they wanted decentralisation, they could have supported a below top 10 pool.

Leasers should be educted, to make waves decentralised, and if leasers care for reveneus, they can’t ccomplain about not being decentralised. I respect everyone his or hers choice, but like I said, people need to be educated, that’s thousand times more powerfull then 1k nodes

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