Azure VHDS blob storage

Remove additional SSD storage from Azure SharePoint 2013 non-HA Farm deployment

When we deployed a SharePoint 2013 non-HA Farm from the Azure Marketplace we noticed that a lot of additional storage space was added to our resource group. All three servers (Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint 2013) got at least one additional VHD blob with each 1000 GiB of SSD space that was attached to the specified server. Even when you shut down the virtual machines Microsoft Azure will still debit your subscription with the costs of those additional storage (which is not quite cheap).


SharePoint 2013 Search References

Some hot links for handling the SharePoint 2013 Search and its API. Search in SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 Search REST API [MS-SRCHCSOM]: Search Client Query Protocol Building search queries in SharePoint 2013 Query variables in SharePoint Server 2013 Sorting with Search Query in Content By Search Web Part Configuring SharePoint 2013 Search REST API for Read more about SharePoint 2013 Search References[…]

SharePoint 2013 Site / Web Templates

Name Title ACCSRV#0 Access Services Site ACCSRV#1 Assets Web Database ACCSRV#3 Charitable Contributions Web Database ACCSRV#4 Contacts Web Database ACCSRV#5 Projects Web Database ACCSRV#6 Issues Web Database ACCSVC#0 Access Services Site Internal ACCSVC#1 Access Services Site APP#0 App Template APPCATALOG#0 App Catalog Site BDR#0 Document Center BICenterSite#0 Business Intelligence Center BLANKINTERNET#0 Publishing Site BLANKINTERNET#1 Press Read more about SharePoint 2013 Site / Web Templates[…]

SharePoint 2013: Calendar – Colorize Event Categories

In the standard implementation of the SharePoint calendar app it is not possible to visualize the event entries with a different background color depending on the category. To implement such a feature we have to do some customizing.

In the following steps we will modify the calendar with an additional column that holds auto-calculated informations. After that we will implement a JavaScript code block that contains the coloring logic.

Some events with different categories in the standard calendar implementation.

Some events with different categories in the standard calendar implementation.

Caution: The jQuery JavaScript library must be available in your environment.


SharePoint Integration von Geolocation

Seit der aktuellen Version SharePoint 2013 besteht die Möglichkeit, Geolocation Informationen und Kartenansichten direkt in SharePoint Listen zu integrieren.

Dazu stellt SharePoint 2013 einen neuen field type “Geolocation” zur Verfügung, der die jeweiligen Geokoordinaten (Latitude, Longitude) als Wertepaar (Double, Double) speichert. Daraufhin wird in dieser Spalte bei dem betreffenden Datensatz ein Globus-Symbol dargestellt.

Entsprechender Artikel über das Geolocation Field in der MSDN.